Scream Test – Halloween Calling

Halloween - www.filmkailm.comOctober – the month of ghouls, goblins, zombies and demons – is upon us. Cable television is awash in the blood of teen slasher films. How did we get here? Sometimes remembering which of these scary films came first can be as hard as recalling the order of the Halloween candy we consumed before blacking out and then coming to in a remote cabin with blood on the walls, hearing the crunch of dry leaves outside and attempting to flee or scream, then realizing we’re bound and gagged… But we digress.

Take this fun quiz and test your terror quotient by clicking on the AFI’s American Film Magazine link here or below. Then drag each of the 13 scary movies from the top two rows to the rows below and place them in the correct (ascending) order of their release.

No cheatin’ or you will be eaten.

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