‘Rush’ – Hollywood’s Need for Speed.

rush-ron-howard-www.filmkailm.comOn the release of Ron Howard’s latest racing film ‘Rush’: Whether filmmakers ignited America’s love affair with the internal combustion engine or merely reflected the country’s passion for the open road and the fight not just to keep up with the Joneses but to zoom right past them, is a matter for discussion – perhaps when you’re stuck in highway traffic on Labor Day weekend. As your engine idles and the planet warms, no one will blame you for fantasizing about burning rubber and spinning into a four-wheel drift like Vin Diesel in the FAST & FURIOUS street racing franchise or tearing up a NASCAR track like Tom Cruise in DAYS OF THUNDER. Or is the roar and blur of Formula One more your speed?

Here’s the link to cover story from American Film, the magazine published by AFI.

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