Jack Ryan, Declassified.

Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit 2014 - www.filmkailm.comBest-selling author Tom Clancy died last October at age 66, but his best-known creation, CIA analyst turned action hero Jack Ryan, continues to cheat death and turn back the clock. He’s young again in JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT, the Ryan re-boot from Paramount opening January 17.

Not based directly on any Clancy novel, the new film stars Chris Pine (STAR TREK, UNSTOPPABLE). Pine and director Kenneth Branagh, who also plays the film’s villain, have been given something of a clean slate to re-imagine Ryan for a new generation of geo-political thrill-seekers

Pine, as Jack Ryan is following in the footsteps of three more of Hollywood’s best-loved leading men: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. Unfamiliar with the character? Here’s the link to the confidential dossier on Ryan, for your eyes only, from American Film Institute.

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