“I’ll be back!”


Hello friends,

you have not heard from me before.

I am Niku Sidhu, wife of Rahul Sahgal, the founder of Film Ka Ilm.

As some of you might know, we lost Rahul to a battle with cancer a few months ago. As you can imagine this time has been a tough one for me. However, one of the things that has been a guiding light for me is the passion and dedication with which Rahul engaged with his other love- Cinema.

When Rahul started Film Ka Ilm, it was out of a keen desire to share and learn more about cinema. Along the way, a group of like minded cine buffs joined him in his explorations. They held passionate discussions, sent in guest posts and kept the comments coming. His vision was to see Film Ka Ilm as a platform for sharing history, reviews, views and much more.

It is my desire (and that of his core group’s) to make Film Ka Ilm a vibrant venue for all things cinema.

No better time than the month of February, more for the Oscar’s than Valentine’s Day, to keep Rahul’s vision going.

Today, I ask you to send in your suggestions, guest posts and questions at filmkailm@gmail.com

I can see him waving his arm, impish smile lighting up his face as he says “Hasta La Vista Baby!”


  • Niku – thank you for the note on the 21st of february 2016…and for infusing life into this blog once again. I am reminded of the line from the film Gladiator (2000): “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”…and Films are where magic happens – “the stuff that dreams are made of” (Maltese Falcon; 1941) and this blog will surely be an area where we each will keep Rahul’s energy and passion alive. I look forward to reading, contributing to this to the best of my capacity.

    • Niku Sidhu

      I hope with contributions from experts and film lovers from all over the globe, we are able to leave some echoes of our own in eternity.

  • Stanzin Gurmet

    Thank you very much for sharing, will defenetely keep this on.
    Stanzin Gurmet
    His Ladakhi Student

  • Simran

    So proud of you for re-igniting the spirit of this site – look forward to tons of action here!


    All the best wishes Niku in this noble venture.

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