Boyhood by Richard Linklater

Seeing human beings age through time has always made compelling cinema. But BOYHOOD surpasses all that has gone before. The film was shot intermittently over a period of 12 years using the same cast. Without any special camera tricks or makeup, the actors age before our eyes in this epic and deeply moving film. Boyhood Poster - www.filmkailm.comThe narrative scope accomplished in the film takes an art form existing for over 100 years down a pathway unmatched in the history of cinema.

No surprise that Richard Linklater directs the film. Almost all of his films have an acknowledgement of time passing — most recently with the release of BEFORE MIDNIGHT (2013), the bookend to the BEFORE romance trilogy which spans 18 years of the main protagonists’ lifetime. But there has never been a coming-of-age film shot like this before.

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