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“I’ll be back!”

Hello friends, you have not heard from me before. I am Niku Sidhu, wife of Rahul Sahgal, the founder of Film Ka Ilm. As some of you might know, we lost Rahul to a battle with cancer a few months ago. As you can imagine this time has been a tough one for me. However, one of the things that has been a guiding light for me is the passion and dedication with which Rahul engaged with his other love-

Nida Fazli (1938-2016)

It was a chance walk past a Hindu temple and the overhearing of a bhajan by Surdas, that turned a young boy towards his lifelong love for poetry. Like many of his era, he reached Mumbai in 1964 in search of work and started writing for the magazines, Dharmyug and Blitz. After partition, he had refused to move to Pakistan, even though his father did.  As a student of literature, young Nida Fazli found solace in words and hope in