This page is dedicated to the oddball movies of the world.

The weird, repulsive, uncanny, grotesque, exploitative, off the wall films. They don’t register on the radar because of low budgets and no stars. Then they are rediscovered, accumulate a cult following and gain the status of “must see films before you die”.

Many of these films exemplify the spirit of adventure, which in its formative years, was the only reason why people made movies at all.

Like the unknown, they can either be transcendental or inglorious. Better still; both.

Some indie produced, some studio funded, they have been inspired by innovation, passion, enterprise and the fun of narrating stories that nobody else wanted to. Conversely, they have stimulated newbie directors with one burning desire: the will to make a film before declaring bankruptcy.

Succinctly put, it’s pure cinematic freaked out lunacy out there.

Warning: The purists, theorists and devoid humorists stay OFF this page.


1. For Y’ur Height Only (1981, Phillipines)

2. Freaks (1932, USA)


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