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For today’s younger film buffs, they are familiar on-screen faces or names of creative technicians in the credit rolls visible in pre-1980’s movies telecast on the Classics TV channels. All of them didn’t play the lead but their presence and performance as character artists, comics and villains always lent gravity to the fullness of any story. And the technicians, often faceless behind the scenes all their lives, put their blood, sweat and tears to make these films come out on time and within budget.

Here’s profiling some of them, making their faces familiar and restoring their real personalities, lest even their names be forgotten by the march of time.


A K Hangal – Character Actor

Deven Verma – Comic Actor

Dhiren Ganguly – Actor, Writer, Producer, Director

Dwarka Divecha – Director of Photography.

Fearless Nadia – Lead Actress, Stunt-woman.

Ghulam Haider – Music Director

K A Abbas – Director, Screenwriter, Journalist.

Kundan Lal Saigal – Singer, Actor

K N Singh – Villain, Character Actor

Kanhaiyalal – Character Actor.

Kesto Mukherjee – Comic Actor.

M B Shetty – Fight Composer, Stunt-man.

M S Shinde – Film Editor.

Mangesh Desai – Sound Re-recordist.

Om Prakash – Character Actor.

Naushad – Music Director.

Pandurang Naik – Cinematographer

Radhu Karmakar – Cinematographer

S D Burman – Music Director

Sohrab Modi – Actor, Producer, Director

Uma Devi aka Tun Tun – Singer, Comedienne

V K Murthy – Cinematographer

Vasant Desai – Music Director


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