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Top 10 – The many moods of Manna Dey.

To the best of my knowledge, Manna Dey didn’t play baseball. It didn’t matter as each melody worthy curve ball pitched to him, containing either gravity or levity, was hit out of the ball park for a home run. His phenomenal octave range owed its strength to meticulous training under various ‘Ustads’. When allowed, his myriad intonations could be dichotomous within a song; settling and disturbing, elevating as well as depressing, but always devoted to Saraswati, goddess of the arts.

Top 5 – Hemant Kumar sings for Dev Anand

Inextricably linked by today’s date are actor Dev Anand and singer Hemant Kumar, defining the first and final act of their respective lives. On 26 September, Dharam Dev Pishorimal was born in 1923 and in 1989, Hemanta Mukherjee died. However, in the intervening process of living, their paths crossed and mutual creative output merged to produce a handful but unforgettable classics of Indian film music.

Top 10 – The Romantic Filmi Qawwali

Qawwali is to the dargah what a bhajan is to the temple – an open line of communication with God, a glorifying musical sonnet, acquiescing to his command as the almighty and entreating him with supplication of pure love. As moderated by Bollywood, this devotional love transmuted into the romantic realm. For the purists, it diluted the somewhat somber image of the qawwali but extended its popularity and longevity across continents by taking it to the living rooms of the uninitiated.

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