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Nida Fazli (1938-2016)

It was a chance walk past a Hindu temple and the overhearing of a bhajan by Surdas, that turned a young boy towards his lifelong love for poetry. Like many of his era, he reached Mumbai in 1964 in search of work and started writing for the magazines, Dharmyug and Blitz. After partition, he had refused to move to Pakistan, even though his father did.  As a student of literature, young Nida Fazli found solace in words and hope in

Naushad – Marquee Magic

Celebrating Naushad’s birthday. Merry Christmas to all. It is not overstretching the facts but stating the obvious that every year from 1943 to 1957, every Naushad film celebrated jubilee. Between 1940 – 1968, Naushad composed music for 48 films. According to one computation, 26 of them ran for over 25 weeks each, which the film industry call ‘silver jubilee run’. Eight others for 50 weeks (Golden jubilees) and two others ran for 60 weeks.

S D Burman – Melody Moghul

Remembering Dada and a career nonpareil which ended on 31 Oct 1975. Sachin Dev Burman, Scion of a princely family who armed with a profuse heritage of folk music left his native Calcutta to make it to the Bombay marquee. The gaunt ascetic-looking maestro who hit the scene with Filmistan’s Shikari (1946), stayed on for 30 years to delight music lovers with his dulcet compositions.

Film Lyrics – The first 40 years

The famous lyricists of this period included Shailendra, Sahir Ludhianvi, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Shakeel Badayuni, Naqsh Lyallpuri, Kaifi Azmi, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Rajinder Krishan, Gulzar, P L Santoshi, Saraswati Kumar Deepak, Hasrat Jaipuri, Qamar Jalalabadi, Anand Bakshi and Hindi poets Inderjeet Sinsh Tulsi, Balkavi Bairagi, Neeraj, Ravindra Jain and Yogesh.

Salil Chowdhury – Neglected Genius

There can be no doubt that Salil Chowdhury, by his ceaseless quest for quality in experimentation and his resourceful blend of the best of East and West, has blazed a trail all his own. In the 40 odd Hindi movies to which he has brought melody of meaning, one has witnessed a fusion of all those ingredients that make for novelty, variety and popularity in film music.

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