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New York Indian Film Festival 2016- a feast for film lovers

Indian cinema has long had a trusty following in far flung corners of the world…and it isn’t just the diaspora pining for a slice of the homemade masala mix. Indian movie fans are everywhere – “Awara” former soviets have an abiding love for Raj Kapoor, Amitabh fans belt out songs atop mountains of Afghanistan, young British girls imitate Shahrukh’s dance moves and while Peruvian fans are fida on Fanaa, Chinese damsels hide their mouths as they giggle over Aamir Khan

Hollywood Cloning

The original movement of Hollywood sequels, prequels, remakes and spin offs which has its genesis in the 1970’s (but dates even further back) inspired this piece in the July-August 1978 issue of American Film™. It discusses film recycling in the ’70s and traces its origins back to the earliest days of filmmaking in America.

Laurel And Hardy – Tag Team

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, next only to Chaplin in evoking instant laughter, ruled the world of screen comedy for decades like a modern day Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, spreading sunshine even in modest homes in remote parts of the world. The high priest of modern China, Mao Tse Tsung and Marshall Tito had a private library of the L& H films to neutralize their political tensions. And man of iron who seldom laughed, Stalin was an ardent fan. Even the Vatican has the comedies in its archives.

The Shining (1980) – Kubrick goes Gothic

This article is a 1980 issue of American Film™ magazine chronicling the making of ‘The Shining’. We learn about Stanley Kubrick’s process for selecting which book to adapt for his next project (hint: it involves an endless hurling of books) to the nearly year-long production schedule, a timeline which itself seems frighteningly lengthy. It’s a fascinating look into the brilliance that went into the creation of a classic horror that can give you a chill no matter which season you watch it.

Sofia Loren – AFI Interview

The world has enjoyed a cinematic love affair with Sophia Loren for over 60 years. As a screen icon, she has an uncanny ability to embody a fervor and naturalness that have left audiences breathless the world over in anticipation of her next leading role. It’s clear Loren remains an iconoclast of the motion picture community in her limitless ability to transform herself to embody whatever the story calls for in her acting talents.

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