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Dharmendra Deol – Sensitive and Rock solid.

Happy Birthday to Dharam Paaji. In Citizen Kane, Orson Welles, playing the deeply flawed yet gifted title role, in a moment of honest introspection says to his lifelong friend, “You know, Mr. Bernstein, if I hadn’t been very rich, I might have been a really great man.” This line can be paraphrased to define Dharmendra career as well, “Had he not been so devastatingly good looking, he would have been recognized for the truly great actor he is.”

Savkari Pash – 1925

In an era dominated by mythological/historical films, Baburao wagered everything to make Savkari Pash (1925), which can be described as India’s first social film. Based on the celebrated novel of Narayan Hari Apte and given the poverty infused rural atmosphere, Painter cast according to character and had actors playing the roles in tattered clothes and without makeup, another first. However, the extreme attention to detail and the technical finesse left nothing more to be desired.

V Shantaram – The Eternal Conflict

As a special presentation on the doyen director V Shantaram’s birthday today (18-Nov), we reproduce an article written by him in January 1956 for Filmfare. Personalizing the age old conflict of art and commerce in cinema the world over, he cites anecdotes from his experience of donning the two hats on one head and the frustration of deciding what was best for the final product – the film.

Sant Dnyaneshwar – 1940

Prabhat’s devotional films of the Thirties were as notable for their brave, progressive thought and reformist zeal as its audacious and rebellious social pictures directed by V. Shantaram. A fine example of this is ‘Sant Dnyaneshwar’ (1940), made in Hindi and Marathi, directed by V Damle and S Fatehlal from paperwork by Shivram Washiker.

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