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Chetan Anand – The Dynasty Founder

Remembering Chetan Anand on his birthday (03 Jan). The Anands became a symbol of refinement; through their films and their conduct. Genetic intelligence, deeply rooted in spirituality, evidences a fundamental commonality in all the Anand brothers; a strong sense of self. And each Anand’s, (Dev and Vijay) sapling career began under the giant shadow of the more established brother Chetan Anand,

Barsaat – 1949

In many ways Raj Kapoor’s ‘Barsaat’ (1949) heralded the onset of spring for the Indian cinema. To millions of cinema-goers, Barsaat spelled romance. It glamorized a special brand of necking and hugging on the screen that came to be known as the caveman style of love-making. It popularized Nargis and Raj Kapoor as a star couple in a sweeping fashion.

Naushad – Marquee Magic

Celebrating Naushad’s birthday. Merry Christmas to all. It is not overstretching the facts but stating the obvious that every year from 1943 to 1957, every Naushad film celebrated jubilee. Between 1940 – 1968, Naushad composed music for 48 films. According to one computation, 26 of them ran for over 25 weeks each, which the film industry call ‘silver jubilee run’. Eight others for 50 weeks (Golden jubilees) and two others ran for 60 weeks.

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