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New York Indian Film Festival 2016- a feast for film lovers

Indian cinema has long had a trusty following in far flung corners of the world…and it isn’t just the diaspora pining for a slice of the homemade masala mix. Indian movie fans are everywhere – “Awara” former soviets have an abiding love for Raj Kapoor, Amitabh fans belt out songs atop mountains of Afghanistan, young British girls imitate Shahrukh’s dance moves and while Peruvian fans are fida on Fanaa, Chinese damsels hide their mouths as they giggle over Aamir Khan


…a tumultuous road to the Oscars. As the world anticipates the upcoming Oscar celebration of 2016 at the end of February at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, we who were born in India can totally relate to the controversy looming over this ceremony. Every time an Indian film was nominated for the Oscars it has been riled with a struggle to even get into the final rounds. This 88th awards ceremony has become the target of a potential boycott

Neerja- A review

The simplest of people can have the most epic stories to tell, case in point— Neerja Bhanot from the film NEERJA. A rarest of the rare experience—Neerja made me shed a tear, and not one but plenty. I purposely started with this, because firstly I am not a Bollywood film-goer as such and secondly because I have hardly cried in a film till as long as I can remember now. To cut it short, it is really a rarity that